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Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo Scenery Part 3

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ディズニー 声の王子様第2章~Love Stories~ (will released in 19.09)


Disc 1: 

01. Snow White ―朗読― / Ishida Akira
02. Hi Ho [Snow White] / Kamiya Hiroshi
03. Kiss the Girl [Little Mermaid] / Shimono Hiro
04. You’ll be in My Heart [Tarzan] / Seki Tomokazu
05. Lalalu [Lady and the Tramp] / Sakurai Takahiro
06. Love is a Song [Bambi] / Midorikawa Hikaru
07. Bella Notte [Lady and the Tramp] / Okiayu Ryotaro
08. You and Me Together [Oliver and Company] / Okamoto Nobuhiko
09. Great Spirit [Brother Bear] / Yamadera Kouichi
10. Tangled ―朗読― / Yamadera Kouichi

Disc 2:

01. Beauty and The Beast  [Beauty and The Beast] /Seki Tomokazu & Okiayu Ryotaro
02. Hakuna Matata [Lion King] / Shimono Hiro & Okamoto Nobuhiko
03. I See the Light [Tangled] / Midorikawa Hikaru & Sakurai Takahiro
04. Everyone Wants to be a Cat [The Aristocats] /Yamadera Kouichi & Yamadera Kouichi

I’ve actually heard some of these on YouTube and thought they were the most awesomest thing ever. Especially Sugita Tomokazu’s rendition of “One Jump Ahead" from Aladdin. Spoiler alert: He does all of the voices.

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Ai no Memori by Konjiki Koharu
愛の目盛りーLover the Gameー by 金色小春

I had to track this down after hearing it on RajiPuri. It is crazy how addicting I find this song.


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Lin: What’s going on here?

Kamaji: Something you wouldn’t recognize. It’s called love.

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Renaissance Earth by Kai Yujiro

Nakamura Daisuke has a surprisingly good singing voice. His English pronunciation is pretty good too, though I will admit that there are parts that sounds almost French. I’m pretty impressed that the whole song is in English. It makes me curious about Kai’s voice message for this single as I remember Oosuka Jun (Chitose’s seiyuu) commenting about how he was worried about the English in his song. Sadly, I haven’t found a translation for Kai’s voice message yet.


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The only surprising one here is Kite because, c’mon, we all know Shiraishi is something of an exhibitionist, and that Sanada is always the epitome of Japanese manliness, and at Atobe likes his bikini bottoms. Did not expect a thong for Kite.

On the other hand, Kentaro is fucking cute in this. I give him an A++ for adorkableness. Minami-buchou looks pretty good in his tightie-greenies. AND TACHIBANA! He’s rocking dem boxer shorts. Shake that thang, baby. ♥ (I actually mistook him for Yuuta, and then I realized Yuuta wouldn’t be the type to throw a saucy look over his shoulder like that.)


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